The Flash season 1

1x01: Pilot - First episode

Imagen para el episodio 1x1: Pilot

The scientist Barry Allen gets an impressive skill as a consequence of an accident: extremely fast speed, turning him into the fastest man of the world. Working as an investigator for the CSI (Crime Scene Investigation), Barry awakes nine months after the accident and use his new powers to solve cases

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1x15: Out of Time

Imagen para el episodio 1x15: Out of Time

Joe is now threatened as a result of his work on an old case by a dangerous character: The Weather Wizard. Meanwhile, Barry and Linda share an awkward moment with Eddie and Cisco and Iris try to understand a new fact about the night Reverse Flash appeared

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1x17: Tricksters

Imagen para el episodio 1x17: Tricksters

An assassin copying the style of an old killer sets up bombs in different locations of Central City. Barry and Joe will need the help from the original criminal (Trickster) in order to caught the copycat and prevent the bombs from exploding. Iris needs some of Eddie’s help

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1x23: Fast Enough

Imagen para el episodio 1x23: Fast Enough

Barry must make a decision that will change the rest of his life. On the other hand, Dr. Martin Stein and Ronnie Raymond decide to help the new S.T.A.R. lab team on their final battle. “Fast Enough” is The Flash’s season 1 last episode.

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