The Flash season 3

3x02: The Paradox

Imagen para el episodio 3x2: The Paradox

Julian Albert is a new man working with Barry and the rest of the team. However, Julian has a weird and offensive attitude regarding Barry. On the other hand, the super realizes Flashpoint's skills are much more impressive than he thought

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3x03: Magenta

Imagen para el episodio 3x3: Magenta

Magenta is the new meta human that is able to manipulate metal: people is scared of what the future can bring. Meanwhile, team Flash and Barry look forward to the meeting with Wells and Jesse, both members of Earth-2 team.

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3x04: The New Rogues

Imagen para el episodio 3x4: The New Rogues

In this fourth episode of the season, Jesse joins Barry's team without hesitation but at the same time she jeopardizes the whole group by disobeying Barry's command. Meanwhile, Mirror Master will look for an ally from the past to take some vengeance in the present

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3x05: Monster

Imagen para el episodio 3x5: Monster

The episode presents a very dramatic situation in Caitlin's life. With doubts about her past and her metahuman skills growing more and more, the girl goes to Dr. Tannhauser's place (her mother) to find some answers. However, things don't turn out as expected. On the other hand, Barry keeps asking Julian to let him make a contribution to the new case

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3x06: Shade

Imagen para el episodio 3x6: Shade

This is an episode where memories and dreams trigger a series of unexpected events. Barry, after realizing Wally is starting to have dreams about he being Kid Flash, decides to be transparent and tell Iris, Wally and Joe the truth in order to guarantee Wally's safety

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3x07: Killer Frost

Imagen para el episodio 3x7: Killer Frost

While the guy from Human Resources (H.R. Wells) and Joe have an honest an deep talk, Caitlin saves Barry. However, the consequences are huge and Caitlin's mother prediction comes true: the Killer Frost carried by the girl is now free. How are The Flash and Vibe going to stop her?

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3x08: Invasion! (2)

Imagen para el episodio 3x8: Invasion! (2)

This is one of The Flash's episodes featuring a crossover with another superheroes series. In this case, Green Arrow will make his contribution by helping Barry defend Central City from the Dominators. Besides, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl also participate in this team.

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3x09: The Present

Imagen para el episodio 3x9: The Present

Christmas gets close but Barry must take care of other things. The main threat in the present is Savitar and our protagonist will ask Jay Garrick for help. On the other hand, Cisco spends the celebration without the presence of his deceased brother, Dante.

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3x11: Dead or Alive

Imagen para el episodio 3x11: Dead or Alive

In this episode, Cisco (along with Barry) will make a huge effort to defend H. R. from being compromised. Calmness of this man is totally put in jeopardy when Gipsy, a man working by himself, goes to Central City to take H. R. and judge him in Earth-19

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3x18: Abra Kadabra

Imagen para el episodio 3x18: Abra Kadabra

This episode focus on an evil villain known as Abra Kadabra that belongs to the Earth-19 planet. In the beginning, Barry holds Abra prisoner but things suddenly changes and despite Barry's and Gypsy's attempts to keep Abra in control, the villain manages to escape.

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